What is BDD and why should I care?

What is BDD and why should I care?  Matt Wynne, Matt Wynne Associates

At the beginning of Matt’s BDD Kickstart classes he gives a pitch to give everyone an overview of BDD and why he think it matters.

In this he covers:

  • How BDD improves communication between developers and stakeholders
  • Why examples are so important in BDD
  • How BDD builds upon Test-Driven Development (TDD)
  • Why business stakeholders need to care about refactoring


Matt Wynne is the development lead for the Ruby version of Cucumber, an open source tool for building collaborative executable specifications written in plain language. He’s co-author of The Cucumber Book, Cucumber Recipes and a popular international speaker and coach who works as an independent programmer and consultant, helping teams like yours learn to enjoy delivering software to the best of their abilities.

Twitter: @mattwynne,  Blog: http://mattwynne.net/


  • Tuesday 8th October 2013
  • Doors Open 12:30
  • BNY Mellon, 12 Blenheim Place, EH7 5JH

Registration is now open at:  http://stg2013edinburgh.eventbrite.com