STG Glasgow 2012 – Bart Knaack

When Testing Becomes The Risk

In our daily work we test software to prevent bad things from happening in the real world once the software is deployed. We assess the quality of the software and give a well founded advice on the go live decision. In some cases however the mere act of testing breaches the safety barriers and puts companies on the spot (not the ‘happy’ spot) and causes embarrassment or even damage. By analysing a number of real life ‘accidents’ in this category Bart helps us in understanding on how to steer away from this. The accidents dealt with in this presentation have resulted in either front page news, millions of damage or embarrassment at c-level.


Another aspect of safety and testing presented is the security of test environments. Where a most companies spend a lot of effort and money in securing their production environment they leave their test environments open for all. Once a hacker gets into the testing environment (or even worse the bug database) he can learn all about the vulnerabilities of the system using it for a real life attack on the system.

In Bart’s presentation he light-footed goes through the examples, challenging the audience to accompany  him in thinking on the solutions to prevent these accidents from happening. Once the basic rules have been set, he hopes you will take them home to apply. Life is too short to make all mistakes yourself, learn from Bart’s!


Bart Knaack is an all round IT expert. Having worked in many different roles within the software development life cycle, he has a keen insight in all aspects of software development.

At this moment he is senior test advisor at Logica, aiding major companies to tune their testing activities. He has spoken before at numerous Eurostars, at StarEast 2011 and is co founder of the Eurostar TestLab.