STG Glasgow – 31 May 2017

Registration for the Scottish Testing Glasgow event is now open.

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Wed, May 31, 2017 – 12:30 PM – 5:00 PM BST, Teacher Building, Glasgow

Working with the theme of ‘Automation’ please join us for our May Scottish Testing Group event – amongst the speakers we have Isabel Evans, discussing UX in relation to test tools, and Dan Martland, Head of Edge Consulting’s Technical Practice.

UX? What about TX for Test Automation?

Isabel Evans (@IsabelE_Test),

Does test automation add value? Good automation does, but poor automation reduces value, delaying decisions, and increasing the likelihood of errors of judgement.

Automation tools are written and serviced by engineers, but people who use automation might not always be technical. To understand what they need, we need to understand them. User eXperience (UX) methods will help.

Test automation requires consideration of the UX for the tool and the tests, supporting improved decision making, and increasing automation’s value.

Next Generation Testers

Dan Martland (Edge Testing),

In the early days of professional testing, structure and objectivity were seen as paramount – the best testers did what they were asked, how they were asked and never deviated from that. In the world of modern, high speed development we need a more dynamic approach. Are the kinds of people we have been recruiting historically still the best fit for our needs? What aptitudes and personal qualities will be needed to succeed in the next generation of testing?