STG Edinburgh 14: Steve Green – A Structured Approach to Exploratory Testing

Exploratory testing is still widely misunderstood and characterised as being unstructured, unplanned, incomplete, random and merely something you might do if you have time left after doing ‘proper’ testing. All this may be true if it is done badly but that does not need to be the case.

This presentation will describe an approach to exploratory testing that addresses all these criticisms and demonstrates how it can be far more efficient, effective and thorough than the traditional approach to testing. Indeed it is often the only kind of testing that is needed on a project.

I will also make the case for demanding the withdrawal of software testing standard ISO29119. The first part of the standard was published in 2013, and opinions are predictably polarised between those who believe it will improve our craft and those who believe it will do great damage.

Steve has been in software testing since the 1990s and specialises in exploratory testing and accessibility testing and consultancy. He founded Test Partners Ltd in 2001 and still does hands-on testing when he can. He is passionate about improving testers’ skills and is one of the four members of the Black Ops Testing team that teach context-driven testing via webinars and workshops.

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