Speaker Synopsis: TDD – It’s not Tester Driven Development: Stephen Readman, Kevin Campbell

  • When Scottish Life were introducing a rewrite of a major consumer web platform, they worked with Sopra Group, their testing partner, to provide a modern, efficient testing solution… with a number of interesting by-products. Kevin (at that time head of testing at Scottish Life) and Stephen have worked together since 2008 when Scottish Life Pensions (SLP) requested a detailed formal Testing Review from Sopra Group. In November 2011 Kevin enlisted Stephen’s help again to provide technical test consultancy, specifically around the usage of Test Driven Development (TDD), on a key SLP project. SLP are a Scrum based organisation where TDD was a natural progression.
  • The session looks at using Using Specification by Example to achieve TDD and how the Three Amigos ‘conversation’ between Business… Tester…. Developer is powerful when based around ‘living documentation’ and draws on work around Specification by Example by Gojko Adzic and Rapid Software Testing techniques delivered by James Bach and Michael Bolton
  • It focuses on behaviours we noted during our journey and the cultural changes required to achieve high quality from each of the three perspectives. It will also reference the software used to harness teamwork and continuous delivery/integration.
  • If your company are intending on beginning a TDD journey, if your company are in the middle of a TDD journey, if you are seasoned in TDD there will be something for you all in here.