Speaker Synopsis: Creating Balance as a tester in Modern Times: George Wilkinson

Creating Balance as a tester in Modern Times: George Wilkinson, Grove Consultants

  • Testing is tough, and as testers we are constantly being challenged. With emerging technologies, time to market, inadequate requirements and more; our time and attention are in constant demand. However to help us get by in our trade we are surrounded by facts, figures and formulas, such as: text books, training courses and so on to help us improve our skill-set of testing. Whilst these are extremely important in order for us to learn our trade, they are simply not enough to allow us to survive as both people and testers in the modern world of IT.
  • This talk introduces the theory of the Tester’s Wheel; a concept grown from an industry survey of over 500 years of combined testing experience by people working in various industries. Each aspect of the wheel is explained, how they influence us and how each element must be better understood in order to develop the areas we need to improve upon as testers. This helps us to achieve a more balanced and constructive working life in the fast paced IT industry we work in today. Overall by gaining a better balance as testers we help ensure that the product is fit for purpose and that you, as the tester, are fit for the next project.