Keynote 2 – Automation in Testing: Richard Bradshaw, Friendly Testing

In this talk Richard will introduce the concept of Automation in Testing. He will explain his reasoning for this new term over existing, mainly Test Automation. Exploring the industry’s view of automation and how this has guided the way automation is being used in testing. Contrasting this to his own experiences and his deep understanding of testing.

We will explore the new opportunities for automation that become so clear when you merge these views with new terminology. Focusing on how most common automation framework approaches can be utilised to provide tools that assist testing. He will share his experiences of where he has created automation specifically to assist his testing, not checking, testing.

About Richard: Richard is an experienced tester, consultant and generally a friendly guy. He shares his passion for testing through consulting, training and giving presentation on a variety of topics related to testing. He is a fan of automation that supports testing. With over 10 years testing experience, he has a lot of insights into the world of testing and software development.

Richard is a very active member of the testing community, the founder of multiple meetups in the UK, and also one of the founding members of the Midlands Exploratory Workshop on Testing (MEWT). 

Richard blogs at and tweets as @FriendlyTester. He works for Friendly Testing, a provider of consultancy and training within testing. He can often be found in the bar, with a beer in hand, discussing testing.

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