STG Glasgow 2012 – Gojko Adzic

Reinventing Software Quality

The needs to go faster to market and cut costs, dominating the industry lately, are significantly changing the landscape of software quality.

 Many pillars of successful quality strategies in the past are just slowing down delivery too much.

 To be competitive in the future, Continue reading “STG Glasgow 2012 – Gojko Adzic”

STG Glasgow 2012 – Bart Knaack

When Testing Becomes The Risk

In our daily work we test software to prevent bad things from happening in the real world once the software is deployed. We assess the quality of the software and give a well founded advice on the go live decision. In some cases however the mere act of testing breaches the safety barriers and puts companies on the spot (not the ‘happy’ spot) and causes embarrassment or even damage. By analysing a number of real life ‘accidents’ in this category Bart helps us in understanding on how to Continue reading “STG Glasgow 2012 – Bart Knaack”